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Vocal Feminization Surgery Minneapolis

There are many qualities in a voice that we unconsciously use to assume the gender of the speaker. The pitch of the voice is one of these qualities, but it is not the only one as there are high pitched masculine voices and low pitched feminine voices. Therefore the most important step toward feminizing your voice is to work with a speech therapist who has experience in voice feminization. In some patients, even after working with a therapist, the low pitch of their voice continues to cause them to be misgendered. Common complaints include, “I am happy with the way I look and easily pass, but as soon as I open my mouth people stare at me,” and “I am constantly misgendered on the phone.” These patients are good candidates for vocal feminization surgery. The procedure is done through the mouth with no incisions or scars on the neck. Using a laser and very small stitches Dr. Rolfes will shorten and tighten the vocal cords, resulting in a higher pitched voice.