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Scar Revision Minneapolis

The skin has a very complicated multi-layered structure, and when it tries to repair itself after a significant injury it can never perfectly recreate that structure.  This leads to scarring.  A scar can never be completely eliminated, but most can be significantly improved.  There are ideal conditions for skin to heal under – no infection, foreign bodies, or tension across the injury – and when conditions are not ideal scarring can increase.  By recreating an injury and allowing it to heal under ideal conditions, a scar can often be improved.  There are also medications, like injectable steroids, that can reduce scar tissue.  If a scar is indented or raised, the contour can be improved.  Skin resurfacing and even tattooing can help to blend a scar into surrounding areas.  Every scar is different, and Dr. Rolfes will work with each patient to develop an individualized treatment plan that best addresses their concerns.