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Hairline Advancement Minneapolis

In hairline advancement some of the hairless skin is removed and the hair bearing skin is moved forward to create a new lower hairline. The incision is created in such a way that new hair grows through and just in front of it (trichophytic incision). This makes the scar invisible as long there is no additional recession of the hairline. That makes this procedure ideal for women with a high hairline, or for patients on hormone therapy in whom no additional hair loss is expected. Most men with a high hairline will continue to lose some hair through their lives, and that can expose the scar and make it very obvious. For most men hair transplantation offers a better, permanent, solution.

What is a trichophytic incision?

When Dr. Rolfes performs an open browlift he will often perform a special type of incision along the frontal hairline called a trichophytic incision. This incision is angled sharply through the hair follicles under the skin so that the hair regrows THROUGH the incision. After a few months there are actually new hairs growing in front of and camouflaging the scar.