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Mandible Contouring Minneapolis

The mandible of the average male is wider and taller with a more defined angle than that of an average female. These masculine jaw features are also commonly seen in asian and transgender women. To feminize the lower face and create a soft, heart shaped face, bone from the bottom and sides of the jaw can be removed until the desired contour is achieved. This is done through small incisions hidden inside of the mouth. Dr. Rolfes uses special equipment designed specifically to remove bone without damage to surrounding tissue. He does not use chisels or saws that could injure nerves or other critical structures.

What is recovery like after mandible contouring?

Moderate pain can be expected for a few days, but this is well controlled with pain medications. The incisions inside of the mouth heal quickly, and there are no diet restrictions. The surgery is very safe, and rare infections can be treated with antibiotics. A few patients will have some temporary numbness around their mouth. Every patient will have swelling of the jaw after surgery, and this can be significant for several weeks. Complete resolution of the swelling may take up to a few months.