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Forehead Reduction Minneapolis

A common feature of the male face is a pronounced brow bone (brow bossing). Studies have shown that this is one of the most masculinizing facial features. In the forehead contouring procedure this bone is lowered so that the forehead flows smoothly into the nose. In a small percentage of patients the brow bone is very thick, and the proper feminine contour can be achieved with just shaving down bone (Ousterhout type I). Typically the bone of the brow is thin, and so to achieve the best results (and to protect the brain) this bone is set back and reattached (Ousterhout type III), not simply shaved down. In most patients this bone is thin enough that just shaving it does not lead to a significant reduction in the bow, and it can leave the bone dangerously thin and prone to fracture in the future. It is important that you see an experienced surgeon for this procedure who is able to perform a setback procedure rather than just shaving down the bone. Incisions for this surgery can be hidden in the hair, or they can be made at the top of the forehead in a way that allows the hairline to be lowered at the same time.