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Adam's Apple Reduction Minneapolis

While everyone has a thyroid cartilage, in men it is often larger, has a sharper angle, and can lead to a visible “Adam’s Apple.” When pronounced, this adam’s apple can be a strong marker of gender. It is possible to surgically reduce this visible cartilage through a small incision at the top of the neck. Dr. Rolfes perform this procedure under direct visualization with a tiny camera to protect the vocal cords.

Will an adam’s apple reduction affect my voice?

The vocal cords are attached to the same cartilage that forms the adam’s apple.  If too much of this cartilage were to be removed it would create a hoarse, raspy voice.  Dr. Rolfes uses a small camera to watch the vocal cords during the procedure to ensure that this does not happen.  There is a separate procedure called “voice feminization surgery” (VFS) that can raise the pitch of the voice.  This can be performed at the same time as adam’s apple reduction.