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Facelift Minneapolis

There are many ways to keep your face looking bright and young. The first step is good skincare with moisturizers and consistent sun protection. Botox and fillers can give these good habits a powerful boost. At some point, though, skin becomes loose enough that trying to fill it with injectable fillers starts to look unnatural. At this time a patient is a good candidate for a facelift (also known as a rhytidectomy). The actual procedure is just what it sounds like, the cheeks and skin over the jaw are lifted and the excess skin is removed. Small incisions are hidden around the ears. Loose skin and excess fat is also removed from under the chin to bring back a youthful neck line.

Who is a good candidate for a facelift?

Many patients who seek facial rejuvenation say that they look in the mirror and think the face looking back at them looks older than the rest of their body feels. An active life full of sun exposure can age the face more rapidly than the rest of the body. A small amount of loose skin can often be improved with non-surgical treatments. Patients who have a lot of loose facial skin, loose neck skin, jowls, or who want to restore the angle between their chin and neck are good candidates for a facelift. Dr. Rolfes will also want his patients to be able to stop taking blood thinners and to have their blood pressure under control. Ideal candidates are also committed to ongoing skin care and sun protection, helping to maintain their outcome over time.

What is recovery like after a facelift?

The small incisions needed for the surgery are hidden around the ear and in the hair, but if you look closely they will be visible as thin red lines for several weeks. After one week you can cover them with makeup. Every patient has some degree of bruising, but the extent varies significantly. For some it resolves in a week, for others the discoloration persists for 2-3 weeks. At your one week follow up we have you meet with our esthetician who will show you how to cover any remaining bruises with makeup. We ask that you avoid heavy lifting or strenuous activity for a week, but most patients return to normal light activity after a couple days.

What is a mini-lift or mini facelift?

Many different procedures go by the name “mini-lift,” and they produce a wide variety of results. To achieve natural and long lasting results the deep layers of muscle and fascia in the face must be lifted, not just the skin. This is not the case in many of the so called mini-lift procedures. Dr. Rolfes works with his patients to address their specific concerns and recommend the least invasive procedure needed to provide long lasting results.