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Upper Ear Surgery Minneapolis

Your ears should be in harmony with the rest of your face, and large, protruding, or asymmetric ears can be a dominant facial characteristic drawing the eye from other areas. By bringing the ear closer to the head or by recreating the natural folds we can form normal appearing ears that frame the eyes, not draw attention from them. Large ears can be a source of ridicule among children, so surgery is often performed at the beginning of elementary school so that the ears don’t become a source of self consciousness.

Who is otoplasty for?

There are several reasons why ears stick out. The cartilage that gives the ear it’s shape may not have folded properly during development, the bowl of the ear may be taller than normal, or both of these may be present. An otoplasty can reduce the height of the bowl of the ear and recreate the natural folds so that the ear lays closer to the head. Surgery may slow the growth of the ear, but the ear is typically about 90% of it’s adult size by the age of 5 or 6. That is also about the age that a child may start to suffer ridicule for prominent ears, so that is a common age for this surgery.

What is incisionless otoplasty?

Some patients with relatively moldable cartilage in their ears and with specific types of deformities may be candidates for a procedure called an incisionless otoplasty. In this procedure the natural folds of the ear are recreated with a series of stitches that hidden under the skin. No cuts in the skin are required and hence there are no scars. Dr. Rolfes will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for this procedure after examining your ears.