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Brow Lift Minneapolis

With age our tissues lose some of their elasticity and eventually their battle with gravity. A facelift can help to restore the youthful appearance of the lower and middle face, but it does little to the upper face. A brow lift can lift the eyebrows back into their proper position, open up the eyes, and tighten the forehead. The procedure can be performed several ways, and we tailor each one to fit the needs of the patient. Many patients are candidates for the minimally invasive method, where the entire surgery is performed using a small camera called an endoscope.

What is difference between an endoscopic and an open brow lift?

In the past, all brow lifts were performed through an incision across the forehead. This incision could be made across the top of the head hidden in the hair, right at the front of the hairline, in a crease in the middle of the forehead, or right above the eyebrows. Skin was removed to create the lifting effect. An endoscopic brow lift requires much smaller incisions hidden in your hair and a tiny camera is used to lift the brow from underneath the skin. The brows are then held in their elevated position with sutures, dissolving clips, or removable screws. There are fewer visible incisions with the endoscopic approach, so it has become the most commonly used method. There are a few patients, though, in whom we still recommend an open approach. No skin is removed with the endoscopic approach, so the forehead does not change in size. In patients who want their hairline lowered, an open approach allows for the removal of skin and advancement of the hairline. Even though the incisions with the endoscopic approach are smaller, in patients who have or are at risk of developing hair loss may develop very visible scars on the smooth skin of the scalp. If these patients have any significant forehead creases it is often better to place the scar there than in the scalp.

What is a trichophytic incision?

When Dr. Rolfes performs an open browlift he will often perform a special type of incision along the frontal hairline called a trichophytic incision. This incision is angled sharply through the hair follicles under the skin so that the hair regrows THROUGH the incision. After a few months there are actually new hairs growing in front of and camouflaging the scar.